Tips On Optimizing Cloud Backups

If you are acclimatized to the new technology and its advancement, you most definitely understand the ability to store your data in a virtual disk space, the cloud. Cloud backups help you to save up more data and also, you can access it whenever you want to. When backing up your data on the cloud, you will not worry about vandalism and other accidents in your office. The data will always be safe in the cloud and nothing can tamper with it. So how can you ensure that you fully utilize the cloud backup? Here are some tips you will want to apply;

• Start with the most vital files
Usually, when you start using the cloud backup services, you will be needed to carry out the initial backup. The time that is taken to backup the data will vary, depending on the internet connection and data amount. At times, it can take as much as 3 months to complete the initial backup. For that matter, you might want to sort out your data and ensure that you start with the most important.

• Make use of the bandwidth throttling
Since the initial cloud backup may take longer to terminate, it may be crazy to limit the backup intentionally. Nonetheless, this is what you might want to do. If the backup client is consuming more internet bandwidth than the regulation, you will want to use the bandwidth throttling. There are some providers that will include a setting that can give you a good balance. This will regulate the backup performance and be sure of enough bandwidth to use. Ensure that you use the bandwidth that has been regulated by the provider.

• Prioritize the newer files
You might want to install a software that will help you sort out the newer files. This will help you back up those newer files. In most cases, you might find a user requesting to restore a data that was created a few days ago, rather than seek for the files that were created years back. You might want to customize your cloud backup to automatically back up newly created data.

• Consider De-duplication
Minimizing data backed up in the cloud is very important, especially if you are paying for the backup depending on the gigabyte uploaded in a month. You can limit the data that is being backed up by applying the deduplication. This can be applied in various ways, whereby, some will back up the files once. In case the file already exists in different locations, there will be file pointers that will be created. Some will offer a block-level deduplication. Here, they will develop a checksum for every block that has been backed up. The provider will then use the checksum value to determine if the block is already up.

Cloud backups can help you a lot, but you will want to ensure that you clearly utilize them to the fullest. You might also want to backup the data on your site. The data center of the cloud backups might be at risk, but it will be much safer if you had the data backed up on the site.  If you want more information on cloud backups then check out No More Sad Computer, a tech blog that has numerous good articles on what services are best.