I Hate Slow Computers

I really, really hate slow computers.  I also really hate it when my previously fast computer suddenly becomes slow again.  It always seems bound to happen; one day you suddenly notice that your computer is taking forever to boot up, or the time it takes to open your internet browser has doubled.  While there are a lot of things that can cause this, there are several key things that are prone to causing computer slowdowns.  The best thing is that you can do something about this.

Another thing to worry about is viruses and malware affecting your computer and crippling it.  If you get a virus it can damage system files on your computer, causing you to have a very sporadically working computer that sometimes won’t even work at all.

I can tell you about the time I got a virus/worm on my computer while I was in the middle of working on a video editing project.  I couldn’t get the virus off of my computer.  Norton would say that it removed the virus, but it would always duplicate itself and come back.  Nothing I did seemed to work.  Then I tried Reimage which is a computer repair program designed to help repair damaged Windows installations without having to reinstall Windows itself.  This was huge because I hadn’t backed up my system so I would have lost all of my video editing work!  I was freaking out.

However, I ran Reimage and it worked like a charm.  It took a while to do it’s job, but when it was done my computer ran great.  The only thing that was interesting was that it kept running Windows updates.  Whatever, I didn’t care so long as I could finish my project, get it off the computer, then wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows later.

This is where Reimage really saved my life.  It enabled me to finish my project and get my important files off of my computer.  Reimage might not fix your computer to perfection, but it will do enough so that you can avoid losing all of your data.

Of course, if you have had to use this to repair your computer due to a virus, I highly recommend that you reinstall Windows anyway because it’s just safer.  Windows will also run much better with a fresh installation.

One thing that you can do to speed up your computer as well is to run a cleanup utility after you run Reimage to ensure that it’s spick and span.

I really like PC Health Advisor however there are a whole slew of programs such as this that you can choose from.  Some are free and some are paid, however the paid ones give you a few more features that might really make a difference.

We want to hear from our readers!  Have you ever encountered a computer problem where you almost (or did) had to completely wipe your computer and start over, losing data in the process?  What was that like for you and how did you recover?  Did you try any software programs to help fix the computer first?